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TIMiTIC is a custom C++ based thermal simulator for 3D ICs. The chip with integrated microchannels is discretized into multiple cells, i.e., it is represented as a grid of RC elements. For more detailed information about the model, please read the Author's publications. The structure of the chip, material properties and all simulation parameters can be easily defined by the user in a XML file. Similarly, power trace is also defined in a XML file. TIMiTIC uses fast C++ libraries for solving the system of linear equations (steady-state) and system of differential equations (transient simulation). In particular, well-known mathematical libraries: Eigen and odeint are used.

Runs in browser!

Although initially TIMiTIC was designed as a standalone C++ application, it is possible to run it directly from a browser on any operating system, thanks to Webassembly technology. If you want to try TIMiTIC, read the instructions in Getting Started section and click on the button below. Try TIMiTIC!Download user guide

About the author

TIMiTIC was written by dr Piotr Zajac from the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science at the Lodz University of Technology in Poland.

Author's research interest include 3D integrated circuits, heat transfer, novel cooling concepts, thermal simulations and C++ programming. Author's research profiles:


Getting started

A quick start to learning TIMiTIC:

  • Download two sample XML files, config.xml and power.xml (see Sample configuration files section on the right)
  • Open these files in a text editor and read them to better understand how the simulated chip is described
  • Run TIMiTIC online with these sample XML files to see how it works, download the results
  • Read the user guide and try to modify some parameters in the XML files
  • Simulate your own chip by writing your own XML files, you can use other configuration files as examples

You are also encouraged to read scientific publications, which describe TIMiTIC in detail. Currently, there is one publication describing the simulator:
  • P. Zajac, "TIMiTIC: A C++ Based Compact Thermal Simulator for 3D ICs with Microchannel Cooling", accepted for 25th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC), 2019. You can download the preprint here: timitic1.pdf

If you use TIMiTIC for your research, the author kindly asks to cite one of the publications mentioned above.